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pierre Morize pmorize at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 27 10:49:35 UTC 2001

My name is Pierre Morize. I am a film director. I am actually working on a
documentary about comparative and historic linguistique.
I will be filming the linguists work in the Max Planck institut for
evolutionary anthropology in Leipzig, Germany directed by Bernard Comrie but
also in the field.
In order to illustrate the amazing language diversity I am trying to collect
"origin mythe" from different language families. The ideal vould be a video
(any format would be good) showing a native speakers telling the story of
his "origin mythes". I would need between 5 and 10 exemples from language
families that "sound" very different (khoisan, altaic, athapascan,
afroasiatic, austronesian, uralic, autralian...ect).
I could also use recording with photographes of the speaker and his
Of course, I will also need a transcription and a detailled translation of
the text.

My film is dedicated to be broadcast in several public channels with
educative and cultural aims. My goal is to use the hight audiance of TV, to
convey information about linguistic and concerns about endangered languages.

If you possess such material and if you are willing to share it with a
broader public thank you for contacting me.

pierre Morize
pmorize at hotmail.com
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