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Peter Brand pbrand at MAC.COM
Sat Mar 3 22:58:35 UTC 2001

I suggest you take a look at Vocab. It was initially developed by an
Australian student of Indonesian and has since received world wide acclaim
including a five cow rating at tucows.com! I have been using Vocab for a
year now in the teaching of a Canadian indigenous language. We have had
excellent results with the program. We have created over two hundred word
lists on various topics, plus a complete dictionary. All the lists have the
sound of the words built into them. If you download the program, I could
e-mail you a couple of demo lists complete with sounds so that you can see
the program in action.

Currently Vocab is written for the Mac only, but I understand that a Windows
version is just days away. Also available is a multimedia authoring package
called Vocab LanguageLab. (Mac only) This is an excellent program for
enabling language students to create multimedia presentations using text,
sound, video, images, plus all the features of the word list program, Vocab.

Download free trials of these shareware programs  at:  <www.cabsoft.com>

Peter Brand
Computer Teacher
Saanich Indian School Board

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