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> Dear Doug,
>         There is an extensive (and expensive) grammar of the Rapa Nui
> language, written by Veronica du Feu, and published by Routledge in 2000
> I am not mistaken).
> Best regards,
> Willem Adelaar
In Routledge's Descriptive Grammar series.  Pub. date: 22 Dec 1995, ISBN
0415000114, $190.00 (up from the $150.00 a couple of years ago), 216 pp.

There is also this book about the indigenous writing system (thought to have
originated after Easter Islanders got the idea of writing from the Spaniards
in the 1700s, if I remember correctly):

_Rongorongo: The Easter Island Script_  Steven Roger Fischer, Oxford
University Press (Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics), 1997, hc,
714 pp. 0-19-823710-3, $175.00 (but that price is as old as the original one
for _Rapanui_).

For the price of these two books, you might be able to get to the island.

Seosamh McCloskey

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