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Here's the announcement of a conference some people at this list might be
interested in.

Lucas, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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> Conference Announcement:
> Winnipeg, Canada
> June 22-25, 2001
> Sponsored by the Canadian Philosophical Association and the Social
> and Humanities Research Council of Canada
> This summer, Aboriginal scholars from across North America and
> non-Aboriginal scholars from around the world will gather for a dialogue
> Aboriginal Rights.  The conference will provide the opportunity for an
> all-too-rare conversation between philosophers interested in justice,
> diversity, and intercultural understanding, and indigenous scholars
> on related themes.
> The conference will include roundtables on:
> * Framing a Just Relationship: Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Perspectives
> * Aboriginal Rights in the Light of History
> * Aboriginal Rights and the Discourse of Multiculturalism
> * Aboriginal Rights, Nationhood, and Sovereignty
> * Continuing Dialogues: Aboriginal Perspectives, Scholarship, and the
> Disciplines
> Confirmed presenters include John Borrows, Marlene Castelano, Gordon
> Christie, Sakej Henderson, Lee Hester, Kent McNeil, James Tully,
> Turpel, Jeremy Webber, Daniel Weinstock, and Melissa Williams.
> To learn more about the conference or to register, please visit our
> at http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/~stomsons/conference.htm
> Regards,
> The Organizing Committee:
>      Lorraine Brundige, University of Oregon
>      David Kahane, University of Alberta
>      Sandra Tomsons, University of Winnipeg
>      Dale Turner, Dartmouth College
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