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International conference "Thin peoples of Northern Asia on the border of
Milleniums" will be held in Krasnoyarsk from 24 to 28 September, 2001, by
authorities of the Krasnoyarsk territory together with UNESCO, Krasnoyarsk
State Pedagogical University, institute of archaeology and ethnography of
Siberian department of RAS, institute of anthropology and ethnography of
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), subjects of Federation.
Archaeologists, ethnographers, ethnologists, ethnosociologists,
sociologists, economists, jurists, folklorers, linguists, specialists of
adjacent specialties. Learning problems of the thin peoples in the northern
Asia and adjacent territory will be invite to participate.
Plenary meetings, sections and "round tables" will be included in the work
of the conference.
The main problems will be included:
? the problem of the initial occupation of the northern areal in Eurasia.
Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic. The Bronze and Iron ages. Ethnic
identification of archaeological cultures;
? social development of the aborigines, the problem of adaptation in the
industrial society. The development of the educational system. The
development of the autonomies. Legal aspect of the economy and holding;
? ethnogenese, traditional material and spiritual culture. Traditional
contemplation of the world and religion. Folklore;
? modern ethnic processes. Ethnocultural and ethnolingual processes.
Problem of teaching of the native languages in the educational system. The
processes of assimilation, consolidation, integration;
? problem of the aborigines' economics.

Demands to thesis's of the reports will be in the printing form and one
copy and on the diskette (3,5") or by e-mail in MS Word 95/97, Times New
Roman, 14 point, value up to 5 pages, equalization by width, interval ?
Format ? A4 (210x297 mm); borders: from above ? 20 mm, left ? 30 mm, right
? 15 mm. Paragraph's indent is 1,27 cm.
The reports topics will be printed with capital letters, equalization by
center. The author will be printed under topic ? equalization by center.
Then on the next line ? the name of higher educational organization, then ?
thesis, through 2 blanks.
Figures and charts will be situated in the text.
Summary will be situated after main text and the word "Summary" will be
printed with 12 type without paragraph.
Address of org. committee: Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University,
Lebedevoy str., 89, Krasnoyarsk-49, 660049, org. committee of international
conference; tel. (8-3912) 23-58-77, fax (3912) 22-28-92.
e-mail: aborigen at edk.krasnoyarsk.su
Informational materials made without these rules, which will not correspond
to the theme of the conference, sent after indicated date, will not take
and return.
Information about conference "Thin peoples of Northern Asia on the border
of Milleniums" will be situated on the WEB-site: www.kspu.krasedu.ru.

Application for participation in conference will have to send before
1, April, 2001.

for participation in the conference





Science degree






Report's theme

Participation's form
Oral 
Poster  
Necessary technical support
Slide projector  
The stand  
Overhead  

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