ELL: Crimean Tatar manual and Russian-Crimean Tatar Dictionary

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Fri Mar 30 15:03:18 UTC 2001

Dear list members,
only 10% of all Crimean Tatars are fluent in their native language according
to some surveys and there is no Crimean Tatar speakers among people of other
nationalities living in Crimea (Ukraine). Additionally, only few books
dedicated to Crimean Tatar language have been published during last 10 years
and it is rather difficult for a foreigner to obtain even brief data about
Crimean Tatar grammar, phonology etc.  Aiming to change the situation, we
offer two volumes Manual of Crimean Tatar language for Russian-speaking
beginners (40 lessons) and Russian-Crimean Tatar dictionary (7000 words) at
the price of USD 30 only (postage expenses to any destination worldwide

Hopefully our publications will be of interest for you
Dr Vadim Mireyev
Email : alashuly at chat.ru
        chimproject at excite.com

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