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Carl Rubino carlrubino at HOME.COM
Wed May 16 13:16:06 UTC 2001

Hello from DC! I am just writing to ask if any of you have collected
proverbs (wise sayings) from the endangered languages you have been working
with - a genre that is not well documented/observed in moribund languages
outside of Europe.
  I am finishing up a book of unique (non-European) proverbs from minority
languages and would love any contributions (which will be properly
  I would just need any contributions in their original version followed by
an English literal translation [and explanation if necessary]):


Cabrapawan curapaqa, manas mana allin wata kanmanchu. (ChaviƱa Quechua)
For the goat and the priest, there is never a bad year. [Goats and priests
do not experience hardship or famine].

Loko mbyana ya di marambu ya kwahle, ya loloha. (Ronga)
If the dog eats the bones of the iguana, it becomes lazy. [The person who
sleeps too much is prone to illness].

  Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from

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