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Cultural Survival Quarterly
Summer 2001 Issue
Endangered Languages, Endangered Lives
Guest Edited by Eileen Moore Quinn

The cover title, "Endangered Languages ? Endangered Lives" provides the
context for our June issue. Presenting examples from Europe, Africa,
Australia, and the Americas, it is guest-edited by Dr. Eileen Moore
Quinn, a
linguistic anthropologist who specializes in the Irish language and who
teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge,
Massachusetts. Included are the writings of indigenous peoples, ethnic
minorities, research activists and scholars, some of whom compare global

linguistic "crash" to worldwide loss in ecological bio-diversity. This
special Cultural Survival Quarterly offers readable material to
and provides advice on how to preserve cultural and linguistic heritage.

What this issue demonstrates is that no hard and fast formula for
preservation is likely to emerge. Just as each case has been the result
of a
unique set of historic and cultural circumstances, so too must
revitalization or revival efforts be dovetailed to meet the needs and
of specific linguistic communities. Dialogue and interaction, on the
hand, allow those who work in linguistic preservation to be apprised of
constraints and accesses, strengths and liabilities, which propelled or
retarded the efforts of others.

Editorial Lineup:
Marion BlueArm, Maintaining Lakota on the Cheyenne River Reservation.
Jonathan David Bobaljik, Language Shift on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Lucia Clark, On the Brink?Griko: A language of resistance and
Deidre d1Entremont, By Any Means Necessary? Tourism, economics and the
preservation of language.
Jessie Little Doe Fermino, You are a Dead People.
André M. Kapanga, Recreating a Language: a socio-historical approach to
study of Shaba Swahili.
Joan Smith/Kocamahhul, For Reasons Out of Our Hands: a community
the causes of language shift.
Ole Henrik Magga & Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, The Saami Languages: the
and the future.
Patrick McConvell, Looking for the Two-Way Street.
Daniel Nettle & Suzanne Romaine, The Last Survivors.
Gilvan Müller de Oliveira, Endangered Languages in Town: the
urbanization of
indigenous languages in the Brazilian Amazon.
Eileen Moore Quinn, Can this Language be Saved?
Jon Reyhner, Cultural Survival vs. Forced Assimilation.
Anna Saroli, Can Quechua Survive?
Lindsay Whaley, The Growing Shadow of Oroqen Language and Culture.

CSQ is the award-winning magazine of Cultural Survival, the
human rights organization for Indigenous Peoples and ethnic minorities.
CSQ's mission is based on the belief that the survival of other ways of
depends on the preservation of their rights in deciding to adapt
ways to a changing world. Articles explore the interconnected issues
affect indigenous and ethnic communities, including environmental
destruction, land rights, sustainable development, and cultural


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