ELL: Akha Journal: May 28, 2001

Peter Constable Peter_Constable at SIL.ORG
Tue May 29 13:47:18 UTC 2001

>The bridge closure was artificially contrived.
>The road to China was greatly improved, due to be fully completed this
>spring, when this artillery assault by the Thai Army on the Burmese
>lookout here at Maesai precipitated the bridge closure in a harsh
>fashion that would not be soon resolved.
>Who ever greased palms to see this event occur, we think CIA here...

Matthew, I am greatly concerned at the hardship that has been caused for
people on both sides of the border. This kind of innuendo, however, is both
pointless and foolish. I believe it does not help your cause or, more
importantly, that of the Akha.

- Peter

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