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Dear Roger

I don't know much about Australian languages myself, but there is a course on them at the University of New England (New South Wales) as part of their online MA in Applied Linguistics - see http://www.une.edu.au/arts/LCL/index.shtml
I would guess that they have some contacts. I know someone who lectures on the MA, but not on that module.

There are two books on Dyirbal: Young People's Dyirbal: A Case of Language Death from Australia by Annette Schmidt, Cambridge University Press 1985, which describes changes in the language. It was also documented by Robert Dixon in The Dyirbal Language of Queensland, Cambridge University Press 1972. Normally you can contact authors via the publisher. Dixon wrote another book for Cambridge UP in 1997, so they must still be in touch with him. The Royalties department is the best bet if Linguistics has no details.

Dixon has also written several other books on Australian Languages: Working with Aboriginal Languages, published by the University of Chicago Press in 1984; Searching for Aboriginal Languages: Memoirs of a Field Worker, Chicago UP 1989; The Languages of Australia, Cambridge UP, and the Handbook of Australian Languages: Grammatical Sketches of Bunuba, Ndjebbana and Jugu Nganhcara (Oxford University Press 2000) as well as Dyirbal Song Poetry: The Oral Literature of an Australian Rainforest People, (Queensland University) Saint Lucia 1996 with Grace Koch. Prolific guy!

Good luck with your documentary! Why have you chosen these two languages, may I ask?

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          Thanks for the help. I apreciate it so much. The thing is that if I have to call from Barcelona to Australia, I will spend lots of money and I would prefer to have a written contact first. But however, thanks for the ideas. What I would really like to ask you, if you do work with aborigeous languages on Australia, is if you belive that the situation of those languages, the Dyirbal and  the Guugu Yimithirr, is a reflex of the linguisitic situation in Australia, or if you know about the linguisitic situation, which is you opinion about it. I know that answer could mean almos writing a book, but I'm quite interested in rhe opinion of anyone who knows something about that situation. So thanks again for everything, and I'll keep you informed about the project.


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