ELL: XVII International Congress of Linguists 2003 in Prague

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XVII International Congress of Linguists 2003 in Prague

On July 24 - 29, 2003, Prague will host the XVII International Congress of
Linguists (CIL).

The Congress is organized by the Centre for Computational Linguistics and the
Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Matematics and
Physics, Charles University in Prague, in cooperation with the Institute of
Czech Language, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, under the auspices of the
ComitÈ International Permanent des Linguistes (CIPL) and with the patronage of
The Mayor of the City of Prague, The Rector of the Charles University and The
President of the Academy of Sciences. The President of the Congress is Prof.
Franti¼ek Dane¼, the Chairman of he Scientific Committee is Prof. Ferenc
Kiefer and the Chairperson of the Local Arrangement Committee is Prof. Eva

There will be four plenary sessions, each with two invited speakers:
1. Typology (Prof. A. Aikhenvald and Prof. P. Sgall),
2. Endangered languages (Prof. T. Tsunoda and Prof. D. Whalen),
3. Methodology of linguistics (Prof. E. Bach and Prof. S. Poplack),
4. Language and the mind (Prof. W. Klein and Prof. M. Tomasello).

There will be ten parallel sessions focused on the following topics:
language planning,
languages in contact,
comparative linguistics,
computer service and linguistics,
language and field work,
techniques for language description,
syntax and morphology,
phonetics and phonology,

Papers can be delivered in English, German, French and Russian. In addition,
several specialized workshops and poster sessions will be organized. The Call
for Papers and full information about the Congress programme, conditions for
registration and reservation of accommodation can be found on the Congress web
and in the Second Circular, which can be obtained by ordinary mail (address:
Centre for Computational Linguistics MFF UK, c/o Mrs Anna Kotϼovcov·,
MalostranskÈ n·m. 25, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic, e-mail cil17 at cil17.org,
fax ++420-2-2191 4304).

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