ELL: New books on Crimean Tatars

Bektur Alashuly uran1955 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 5 06:10:18 UTC 2002

Dear List members,
I would like to inform you that some new books on
Crimean tatar language, customs, traditions, history
etc. have been recently published in Ukraine and in
Russia (all in Russian language).
According to some estimations only 10% of Crimean
Tatars living at Crimean peninsula (Ukraine) of the
total number of 270,000 are quite fluent in their
native language, so, Crimean Tatar can be considered
as an endangered one.
The list of books available for sending is given below
1) Crimean Tatar Encyclopaedia by Prof.R.Muzafarov,
two volumes, hard cover sheet, 828 pages.
2) Etiquette of Crimean Tatars by M.Hayruddinov and
S.Useinov, hard cover sheet, 242 pages
3) Clothes of Crimean Tatars of XVIII-XX centuries by
L.Roslavtseva, soft cover sheet, colour illustrated
4) Crimean Tatar literature and folklor of VIII-XX
centuries by L.Yunusova, hard cover sheet, 343 pages
5) History of Noghay Horde by V.Trepavlov, hard cover
sheet, 752 pages.

Please contact me for further details

Dr Vadim Mireyev
Simferopol, Crimea, UKRAINE

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