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Thu Jun 27 14:38:55 UTC 2002

Dear List Members,

may I introduce you the book by Ihor V.Achkinazi
"Krymchaks. Historic-ethnographical monograph". –
Simferopol: Dar, 2000 – 192 p., illustrations; hard
cover sheet

The book (written in Russian) is a first comprehensive
 investigation of history, culture, language to the
anthropology of krymchaks – a small indigenous people
Crimea, speaking its own language (belonging to Turkic
family and very close to Crimean Tatar) and professing
the Orthodox Judaism. In 1941-1942 almost all Krymchak
nation which lived peacefully during many centuries
side by side with Crimean Tatars was exterminated by
nazis occupants. Now the Krymchaks' ethnical history
comes to the end and its language is nearly extinct.
The publication should be read by everyone who
interested in knowing more about endangered Turkic
languages, Turkic-Jewish interethnical and
interconfessional relations.

Please contact me for any further information about
this book and its availability

Dr Vadim Mireyev
Aqmescit-Simferopol / Ukraine
Email : uran1955 at yahoo.com

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