ELL: Wall Street Journal editorial

Marion Gunn mgunn at UCD.IE
Tue Mar 26 15:59:56 UTC 2002

>   Marion,
>   You are as enigmatic as ever...

And you as admired as ever, Doug. The error was mine - I took a week's
break, during which over 2,500 SPAM msgs from the US clogged up my mailbox.
Having to pay by the second for downloading such junk is not fun, but in
fishing for real mail, that single ELL msg looked promising enough to be
forwarded to a Gaelic list I know, which is where I thought it had gone,
until Nick's reply, and now yours, fetched up here. Again, I had no
intention of inflicting my language on anyone - a policy, BTW, I wish
English/German speakers would learn to follow.:-)

If I posted in Gaelic only, then you
>and the other Gaelic stalwarts could have a good laugh; but I don't
>pretend to command Gaelic.  I don't feel that I have to speak an
>endangered language to champion the cause.  And I do believe that the
>majority of endangered languages that survive will do so because of
>bilingualism in majority languages.  If this is a problem on a list
>that we decided at the beginning would be conducted in English, then
>you will have to explain why.
>   Doug DhW
>Doug Whalen (whalen at haskins.yale.edu)
>Haskins Laboratories
>270 Crown St.
>New Haven, CT 06511
>203-865-6163, ext. 234
>FAX:  203-865-8963

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