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Mike_Cahill at SIL.ORG Mike_Cahill at SIL.ORG
Tue Mar 26 23:24:09 UTC 2002

Hey, I've eaten beetle grubs and so forth, and also Big Macs, though not in
the same meal... It's interesting what goes into food preferences: not only
"does it taste good or not," but what is its social or even political
status? I've no doubt beetle grubs are more healthy than Big Macs, but is
the current preference on this list due to purely culinary and nutrition
factors, or is there also a political statement going on? If you offered a
local grub-eater a Big Mac, assuming it was at all digestible to him, would
he prefer it as a symbol of higher status? Conversely, how many Western
grub-preferers are expressing more their disdain for corporate culture than
any heartfelt (stomach-felt?) desire for wiggly food?

Just stirring the pot a bit...

Mike Cahill

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