ELL: "Yiddish is basically distorted Basque"

Gerd Jendraschek jendraschek at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun May 26 15:58:37 UTC 2002

I thought I'd have to tell you about something unbelievable I just found
(rather accidentally) on the Internet. More so because two endangered
languages are involved. Human imagination has no limits: How could we be so
blind not to see that Yiddish is just distorted Basque! "The linguists
making up Yiddish used the entire Basque vocabulary" it says there. "Yiddish
was assembled out of the astonishingly versatile Basque language".

My favourite from the "etymological list" is: gesundheit (health),
gizond.-haiet: gizondu (to grow up, old) haietara (to them): "Good growing
old to you".

Linguistics can be funny! If you want more .. have a look at

Reading that site gave me an idea. One could use it in beginners' classes to
see if students are able to distinguish science from nonsense speculation,
asking them what they think about it and show it as an example of what
linguistics is NOT.

Apparently, the author really believes what he writes when he affirms that
"very early scholars are likely to have been responsible for inventing all
major languages existing on earth, without exception. It appears that highly
skilled professional linguists have been busy over a period of ca 4,000
years developing a large number of artificial languages". Linguists must
have been not only busy but also clever! They invented languages first and
then sent a new generation of linguists to the field to describe those
languages, thus creating a huge device against unemployment among linguists.
I will immediately invent some new languages, "introduce" them in Amazonia
or in
the Black forest, so that I can later "rediscover" them and be the first to
describe them.

Of course, modern linguists do not accept what seems so obvious since "many,
if not most of our university linguists, have become the guardians of the
status quo and are disdainful of anybody embarking upon a relentless search
for academic truth. They refuse to admit that many of the very early
scholars may have been able to do things which are now considered
impossible, such as language invention of major languages and their
introduction." As a result, "linguistic students tend to be brainwashed in
our Universities and are trained to reject other ways of looking at a

I wish everybody success in brainwashing.

Gerd Jendraschek

PS.: I will not hide from you the conclusion of this fantastic theory: "All
highly developed languages on earth (except possibly Chinese) can be shown
to have been developed from the original Saharan language, which in itself
was also scholarly enhanced  from the neolithic substratum. There exists no
"family" of Indo-European or Semitic languages. There are no Indo-Europeans
or a proto-I-E. language; all these unstable languages are invented by
scholars. Only Saharan has remained relatively unchanged and is now spoken
as Basque."

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