Peter Constable Peter_Constable at SIL.ORG
Tue Sep 2 13:48:05 UTC 2003

> Attached is the first announcement for next summer's Multimedia
> Symposium entitled "ANCIENT VOICES, MODERN TOOLS: Language and
> Tech-Knowledge" to be presented in collaboration by the Indigenous
> Language Institute and the University of Washington.  The conference
> take place in Seattle on the University of Washington campus from August
> 20 through 23, 2004.
> The material to be presented at this conference is essential to all
> individuals and groups who are working to preserve native languages.  We
> hope that you will start making plans now to join us next summer.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to report on the work I'm involved in to
get all of the world's endangered (and non-endangered) languages supported
in international language identification standards (specifically, ISO
639-3), which is an important step to getting them supported in
information technologies. Unfortunately, I'll probably be leaving Seattle
on Aug 21st to go to Paris for meetings at which, hopefully, we'll be
putting the final touches on those standards.

Peter Constable

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