Creek Langauge SIte

Andre Cramblit andrekar at NCIDC.ORG
Tue Sep 9 19:28:06 UTC 2003

 This is a great site (part of the one below) for learning to pronounce
Muscogee (Creek) words.  To hear the word pronounced, click on the blue
word.  The words are arranged in alphabetical order (English), so you can
see if the word you are looking for is actually in the list.   It is
usually good to try learning word in groups, so try to pick out the names
of things, like the kitchen (or whatever), learn all of those and practice
them when you are in the kitchen.  Foods are another good category to
learn.  You will have to put the words on a separate paper, grouping them
in the category you are working with.  You can learn some individual words
and then be ready to construct simple sentences when you learn some
grammar. Good luck.

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