California Conference on American Indian Education

Andre Cramblit andrekar at NCIDC.ORG
Tue Apr 6 16:23:03 UTC 2004


Purpose of the Conference The 27th Annual California Conference on
American Indian Education, offers the opportunity to share traditional
and academic teaching and learning. This conference honors the
commitment of the family and all those who have contributed to the
advancement of American Indian Education in

Conference Goals To advocate academic excellence and educational
opportunities for American Indian families, educators, tribal leaders
and board members; To provide opportunities for networking among
American Indian families, elders, tribal leaders, students and
educators; To recognize achievements of distinguished educators, parents
and students; To honor our elders, our most revered teachers.


Culture: Storytelling Programs, Oral Traditions

Language: Restoration Programs, Oral Traditions

Culture: Traditional Arts Basketry, Beadwork, Regalia

Parenting Indian Welfare, Parenting Skills

Education Programs: Culturally Based Curriculum, Accountability,
Standards Based Education, Technology, Even Start, Early Childhood
Education Programs, Charter Schools, Title IV, Impact Aid, JOM.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact
Conference Co-Chairs Gary Donelly at (760) 876-5394 or Irma Amaro-Davis
at (530) 275-1513 or go to :

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