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New life for languages in Whitehorse school

WebPosted  Jun 1 2004 10:33 AM CDT


A Whitehorse school council wants to bring Gwich'in and Tlingit
languages into the classroom.

School councillors, parents and students from F.H. Collins high school
started working on the idea a few months ago after Yukon's minister of
education announced funding for more native language instructor

"There are many First Nations in the Yukon and we think this enriches
the school environment and is very important for language and culture,"
says Heather McFadgen, chair of the school council at F.H. Collins.

McFadgen says the idea for the new language programs came from
interested parents and students.

The details of the courses are still being worked out.

However, this isn't dampening enthusiasm.

Joe Linklater, Chief of the Vuntut Gwich'in First Nation, says there is
a lot of interest among Old Crow students living in the Yukon capital.

"Our children, when they move to Whitehorse, lose that opportunity to
learn the basics of the language in school. So we're happy to hear the
opportunity is there so that they can continue to learn," said

McFadgen is optimistic the courses will be offered as early as this

The school's principal is asking students about the idea and working
with the education department

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