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Dear EndLang Listers, please see below for a new initiative of my
organization, Terralingua, that may be of interest to some of you: a
Global Source Book on Biocultural Diversity. By "biocultural
diversity" we mean the interrelations between biological, cultural,
and linguistic diversity. If you would like further information,
please contact me or my colleague Ellen Woodley, or go to the
Terralingua website (addresses below). We look forward to hearing
from you!

Luisa Maffi

Call for Contributions

Global Source Book on Biocultural Diversity

Terralingua would like to collaborate with practitioners of
biocultural diversity conservation to gather information for a Global
Sourcebook on Biocultural Diversity. This publication, which will be
available both in print and electronic format, will provide the
biocultural diversity field with its first global source of
The loss of languages, cultural practices and indigenous ecological
knowledge all reflect the breakdown in the relationship between
humans and their environment.  Seeking solutions for the
sustainability of both human communities and the environment must
recognize the link between cultural diversity and biological
diversity. Terralingua invites you to work together with us to
document information on biocultural diversity conservation on a
global scale.
We are asking for your input in a survey of biocultural diversity
projects, programs, and initiatives.  The survey will be the basis of
an inventory and classification of such activities around the world.
Based on further collaboration and information gathering, some
projects will be selected as "model" examples of projects that
support biocultural diversity. These examples will specifically
highlight local stories in the voices of the people involved.
Discussion of "best practices" and "lessons learned" will offer
guidance for future efforts at biocultural diversity maintenance and
The Source Book will benefit practitioners of biocultural diversity
conservation by increasing the visibility of this newly emerging
field and by developing a network of people actively involved in
these issues.
The survey form and further details are available on the Internet at:
  or may be obtained by contacting:
  Ellen Woodley, Source Book Coordinator
Ewoodley at

Luisa Maffi (Dr.), President, Terralingua
Address for 2003-4:
60, Wyndham Street South, Apt. 907, Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1E 7H7
Phone/Fax: +1.519.780.1882; Email: maffi at

Terralingua office:
1630 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste. 300, Washington, DC 20009, U.S.A.
Phone: +1.202.5182060; Fax: +1.202.3874823
Email: info at; Internet:
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