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> Folks,
> In early June or late May of 2005 the AHRB and ESRC will be sponsoring 
> a trip to the UK of two representatives of the Suya (Kiseji) community 
> of the Xingu Park of Brazil.
> There are two purposes for this trip. First, Kuiusi, the main chief of 
> the Suya and one of the best-known leaders in the Xingu park, will be 
> speaking about the importance of language and culture from his 
> perspective as chief of a highly endangered group (there are only about 
> 200 Suya left in the world). This lecture, by a dynamic and articulate 
> spokesman from an Amazonian language will be a rare experience. The 
> second purpose of the trip is to raise funds for a (yet-to-be-created) 
> foundation for the preservation of the Kiseji culture and language.
> Although details are still being worked out, I would like to know how 
> many departments might be interested in having Kuiusi (and his 
> son-in-law and official interpreter, Gakomberi) speak at their 
> university. Ideally, the audience would include not only linguists, 
> anthropologists, etc. but also laypersons with interest or potential 
> interest in the issue of language endangerment.
> The Suya have some very well-thought out views on language and culture 
> endangerment, intellectual property rights, and other issues that 
> linguists and anthropologists often discuss, though at one remove from 
> those most affected by the issues.
> Aspects of Suya culture have been studied by Anthony Seeger, an 
> ethnomusicologist at UCLA (formerly of the Smithsonian Institution). 
> The AHRB and ESRC are sponsoring a three-year project to document and 
> describe the Suya language.
> If you believe that your university might be interested in hearing the 
> Suya's perspective on language and cultural endangerment, could you 
> please contact me at this email address?
> Thanks very much,
> -- Dan Everett
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