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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:17:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: lbwelch <lbwelch at>
Subject: Jobs: Specialization Not Required: Intern, Rosetta  
Project/Long Now

University or Organization: Rosetta Project/Long Now Foundation
Rank of Job: Intern
Specialty Areas: Specialization not required


The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists  
and native
speakers working to build a publicly accessible online archive for all
documented human languages. We are looking for people to help with the  
task of scanning and/or typing in existing materials on a wide variety  
languages of the world. Our goal is to put together the most broad and  
reference work on the languages of the world to date - a reference work  
relevance both to academic linguists and to endangered language  

After three years of collection and curation, the Rosetta online  
archive is
already the largest descriptive linguistic resource on the Net. We  
serve over 30,000 text pages documenting writing systems, phonology,  
vernacular texts, core wordlists, numbering systems, maps, audio files,  
demographic/historical descriptions for over 1,700 languages. A major
sub-component of the Rosetta archive is the ALL Language Word List  
Database - a
collection of 200 term core vocabulary lists for the languages of the  

As an intern with Rosetta, you will be exposed to important works on an
extremely wide variety of languages, and will have the opportunity to  
see what
goes into developing and maintaining a large, on-line, digital archive  
as you
participate in a history-making project. Internships are typically for  
months.  Full-time interns (32+ hours/week) have access to preferential
housing/rent pricing in the Presidio of San Francisco, where our  
offices are
located (ask for details if this is of interest to you). In general,  
the work
needs to be done here in our offices (unless you want to take on a much  
commitment, in which case we can consider ways to set you up to work

Address for Applications:

         Attn: Laura Buszard-Welcher
         The Rosetta Project / Long Now Foundation
         P.O. Box 29462
         San Francisco, CA 94129-0462
         United States of America

         Position is open until filled.

Contact Information:

         Laura Buszard-Welcher
         Email: lbwelch at
         Tel: (415) 561-6582
         Fax: (415) 561-6297


André Cramblit: andre.p.cramblit.86 at is the  
Operations Director Northern California Indian Development Council  
NCIDC ( is a non-profit that meets the development  
needs of American Indians

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