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* "Mugar" means "meeting" in "Kabyle", one of the Berber languages, as written in the email below .

* "Magars' are an indigenous group of people in Nepal. 'Magar' means 'children of Mongols', however, it is not well taken.

* MAGARS [Nepal], MAGYARS [Hungary], MUGAR [Armenia] and MOGHULS [India] appear similar. Is there any scholar who could tell more on these.

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Mugar <info at> wrote:


"Mugar" means "meeting" in "Kabyle", one of the berber language.

There is also a Mugar hill in the south of Algeria. The caravanserail use to
meet near this hill, hence the name.

I don't know much more about it.

You should direct to an berber (Amazigh) language

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