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 There are also the Moghol (or Mogholi as they are
called in Persian) people living mostly in the Herat
province of Afghanistan. They are descendents of the
Negüderi Qara'una clan of the Mongols, who in occupied
the area in the 13th century, and their ethnonym is
certainly derived from the Mongol word /mongGol/
'Mongol' (where /G/ indicates an uvular stop and /ng/
a velar nasal).
 In the 1970s, there were a small number of Moghol
elders who could still speak the language, and from
fieldwork data collected around that time by the
German scholar Michael Weiers we know that their
language is a rather conservative Mongolic language,
preserving for example certain diphthongs and the
voiceless aspirated uvular stop [q] of Middle
 As to the present language situation, it is unclear;
even Weiers does not know if speakers still exist.

Andrew Shimunek

--- "B. K. Rana" <bk_rana at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> * "Mugar" means "meeting" in "Kabyle", one of the
> Berber languages, as written in the email below .
> * "Magars' are an indigenous group of people in
> Nepal. 'Magar' means 'children of Mongols', however,
> it is not well taken.
> * MAGARS [Nepal], MAGYARS [Hungary], MUGAR [Armenia]
> and MOGHULS [India] appear similar. Is there any
> scholar who could tell more on these.
> Thank you,
> Mugar <info at> wrote:
> Hello,
> "Mugar" means "meeting" in "Kabyle", one of the
> berber language.
> There is also a Mugar hill in the south of Algeria.
> The caravanserail use to
> meet near this hill, hence the name.
> I don't know much more about it.
> You should direct to an berber (Amazigh) language
> All the best
> Michael
> B. K. Rana
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