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The 5th Pacific Second Language Research Forum (PacSLRF) will be held
on July 4-6, 2006 in Brisbane, Australia.  It will be a part of LINQ
2006 ( ), a series of linguistic and
applied linguistics meetings to be held at the University of Queensland
during that month.

PacSLRF is a venue for data-based and theoretical papers on areas of
basic research in Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Topics include,
but are not limited to, SLA in instructed and naturalistic settings;
the effects of second language (L2) instruction on the rate and route
of L2 development; the role of individual differences (in e.g.,
aptitude, age, personality, motivation) in SLA; competing models of SLA
processes; SLA theory construction; the acquisition of L2 pragmatics;
bilingualism; the influence of cognitive variables (e.g., memory and
attention) on L2 learning and use; the assessment of L2 use and
development; and methodological issues in research into L2 acquisition.

Conference keynote speakers tentatively include David Birdsong
(University of Texas), Patricia Duff (University of British Columbia),
Rod Ellis (University of Auckland), and Bonnie Schwartz (University of

PacSLRF 2006 is accepting proposals for individual papers (40 minutes)
and colloquia (2 hours and 10 minutes).  The deadline for submission is
January 15, 2006.  For full details, see the Call for Papers section of

PacSLRF 2006 website -

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