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Cornell Conference on Language and Poverty
October 14-16, 2005

This conference, organized by the linguistics department at Cornell 
University, has two central objectives: (1) to highlight the complex 
interconnections of language and poverty for a general audience, and 
(2) to promote exchange among scholars of language and of culture and 
poverty as well as community-based language activists on work with 
endangered languages in impoverished communities.  Day one pursues 
the first objective of outreach and general education; days two and 
three are primarily devoted to the second and more specialized 
effort.  Distinguished scholars and community workers from around the 
world will be joined by commentators drawn from a wide range of 
departments and programs at Cornell.

There is no registration fee but those planning to participate are 
asked to register at so 
that we can plan for refreshments and the conference dinner on 
Saturday.  Some scholarship support is still available to defray 
travel and accommodations costs for those who do not hold regular 
academic appointments or have access to travel funding.  Graduate 
students and people working in their own communities on language 
revival and maintenance projects are strongly encouraged to apply for 
this support through our website.  Preference will be given to 
applications received by Friday, September 9, 2005.  There is also 
limited crash space available; you may request crash space when you 
register online for the conference, or by sending a message to Wayne 
Harbert at weh2 at  Please do so as soon as possible but 
preferably no later than Friday, September 30, 2005 if you would like 
somewhere to put your sleeping bag.  A list of local hotels is 
available on the conference website.

Day 1, Friday, October 14, 2005

Poverty as a Factor in Language Maintenance and Language Death

Keynote speaker:  Leanne Hinton
Commentator:  Kathryn S. March

Panel Discussion by Herman Batibo, Matthias Brenzinger, and Ofelia 
Zepeda on the effect of access to resources on the maintenance of 
minority languages.
Commentator: TBA

Language and Access to Resources

Keynote Speaker:  John Baugh
Commentator: Stephen L. Morgan
Panel Discussion by Neville Alexander, Ofelia Garcia, and Ajit 
Mohanty on the relation between the languages people speak or do not 
speak and their economic status. 
Commentator:  Ravi Kanbur

Day 2, Saturday, October 15, 2005

oWorkshop on Community -Based Language Maintenance Programs, with 
Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer, and TBA.
Commentator: Audra Simpson

oWorkshop on the Role of the Linguist in Language Maintenance and 
Revitalization:  Documentation Training and Materials Development, 
with Lenore Grenoble, Norvin Richards and Keren Rice
Commentator: Amanda Miller

Minority Languages in Economic and Social Context

Keynote Speaker:  Suzanne Romaine
Commentator: Benedict Anderson

Panel Discussion with Bruce Mannheim and Peter Whiteley on the 
implications of political economy, social structure, and culture for 
language in an age of globalization.
Commentator: David Wippman

Day 3, Sunday morning, October 16, 2005 (concluding by 1:00pm)

o Workshop on Technology as a Tool in Language Modelling, 
Documentation and Preservation, witth Helen Aristar-Dry and Ian 
Commentator: Mark Turin

o Workshop on Funding for Language Documentation and Revitalization 
Initiatives, with Arienne Dwyer, Barry Supple and Doug Whalen

The conference is funded by grants from the National Science 
Foundation and Cornell University's Poverty, Inequality and 
Development Initiative.

The conference organizers,

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