New Installment of Dictionary Series

Andre Cramblit andrekar at NCIDC.ORG
Mon Jun 27 18:51:00 UTC 2005

Fifth title for picture dictionary series

Issue 83

IAD Press, has published the fifth title in its valuable Picture
Dictionary series - this time in the Warumungu language, spoken in
Tennant Creek and its surrounding communities.

“Children and learners should sit down with old people and learn to
speak language from them,” said the Warumungu contributors to the
picture dictionary.

“Old people hold this language, Warumungu, for the young generations.
Our children will learn our language and then keep it strong. Language
teachers can use the picture dictionary in their classes. Learners can
learn words for all sorts of things: family, country, plants and
animals. Later they will know their language.”

Warumungu people have worked together with linguists since 1982 to
develop a spelling system that matches the sounds of the Warumungu
language as closely as possible.

A CD of readings by Dianne Nampin Stokes of a broad selection of the
words and sentences in the Warumungu Picture Dictionary is included
with the book.

• Compiled by Samantha Disbray with Warumungu speakers ($29.95 including
CD, IAD Press).

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