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B. K. Rana bk_rana at YAHOO.COM
Thu May 5 03:27:00 UTC 2005

I have a video-recorded interview with a Kusunda speaker of about two and half hours. Do you mean such material also ?

Thanks, BKR

Ole Stig Andersen <osa at OLESTIG.DK> wrote:

Dear list

I am looking for TV documentaries and films about Endangered Languages, or
where language endangerment or revitalization is part of the story told. I
am only aware of two such productions: "Vanishing Voices" on Chulym (Turkic)
by American PBS and "De l�ste l�den fan in taal" ("The last sounds of a
language") by Frisian Television, also on Siberian lgs, I believe. But
surely there must be (many?) more?

Thank you for your help.

Ole Stig Andersen,

osa at

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