Q: Giving in to ... ?

Ole Stig Andersen osa at OLESTIG.DK
Wed May 11 09:11:04 UTC 2005

A question about the Canadian lg situation:

I am preparing this overview of "Films and videos on Endangered Languages".

People have kindly referred me to some 70 films varying from 2 mins to 3
hrs, from short samples of the lg in question over classic half-hour
documentaries to full-length cinema dramas where lg plays a significant

A list of lgs in Canada featured in the "Finding Our Talk" series and a few
other productions includes:
Mohawk, Cree, Algonquin, Inuktitut, Attikamekw, Innu, Anishnabec, Ojibway,
Michif, Saulteaux, Mi'kmaq, Sencofen, Maliseet, Naskapi, Gwitchin,
Secwepemc, Dakota, Dene, Oneida, Blackfoot, Dana-Zaa. Northern Cree, Plains
Cree, Chipewyan, Siksika, South Tutchone.

Most of them are giving in to English, of course, but some must be
endangered by French, some by both and maybe a few by neighbouring
indigenous lgs or high-status varieties.

I would like to sort them after which lg they are giving in to. Or not!
(Is this a reasonable criterion?)

But which are what?

Ole Stig Andersen (far from Canada)
http://www.olestig.dk/endangered-languages/films.html (coming up soon ;-)

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