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I don't know if this answers the original question, but in my previous
career in television, I produced and presented several series of
programmes in Jèrriais and Dgèrnésiais which were broadcast on Channel
Television. The company's license at the time demanded one hour per
annum (!) of programming in either of the local languages. I believe
that this requirement was dropped in about 2002, when Independent
Television in the United Kingdom was re-organised, allowing less time
for regional programming. The last three series I made also featured
mainland Norman, as they were recorded at the annual Fête Nouormande in
Montebourg (Normandy), Guernsey and Jersey respectively.
Two of the earliest series consisting of short 10 minute programmes were
re-packaged and made available to the public on video - La Coue
d'Lèzarde (The Lizard's Tail) in Jèrriais, and Caontaï des Luures
(Telling Stories) in Dgèrnésiais {Julia Sallabank can correct me if I
have mis-spelt the latter title.) Each video ran just under an hour in
total, and they are still occasionally available at bric-à-brac stalls,
jumbles, garage sales etc!

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Julia Sallabank wrote:

> There is one about Norman called 'Les Dernis' by Baraka Productions. I
> have
> the address if you're interested.
> A couple of years ago there was also an appeal for contacts for a
> proposed
> film to be made by the Discovery Channel, but I don't know if anything
> came
> of it.does anyone else know?
> Best wishes
> Julia
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> From: "Ole Stig Andersen" <osa at OLESTIG.DK>
> Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 2:51 AM
> Subject: Films and TV documentaries
> Dear list
> I am looking for TV documentaries and films about Endangered
> Languages, or
> where language endangerment or revitalization is part of the story
> told. I
> am only aware of two such productions: "Vanishing Voices" on Chulym
> (Turkic)
> by American PBS and "De lêste lûden fan in taal" ("The last sounds of a
> language") by Frisian Television, also on Siberian lgs, I believe. But
> surely there must be (many?) more?
> Thank you for your help.
> Ole Stig Andersen, Copenhagen
> osa at

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