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I thought members of this list might be interested in this new network.

Best wishes


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    AILA Research Network on Language Policy – Next steps

    The Network was approved by the AILA Research Networks committee on May 2 2006.

    A mailing list (with 192 members so far) is now working through Google Groups. The home page of the group is http://groups.google.com/group/LPREN.   There are instructions there how to join. Anyone can read earlier messages there, but to receive mail and to post, you need to be a member (but you don't need to have gmail to be a member).  Once you are a member, you can post to the list by sending a message to LPREN at googlegroups.com . Because the list is moderated, an owner will check the posting before it is distributed.  Please do not send attachments. Check any URLs before you send them. 

    The interim committee of the Network is Gabrielle Hogan-Brun, University of Bristol; Elana Shohamy, Tel Aviv University; Jasone Cenoz, University of the Basque Country; Richard Baldauf, University of Queensland; and Bernard Spolsky is Interim Organizer.

    A new committee, to serve until the 2008 AILA Congress, will be selected at the meetings at Limerick and Brisbane in a month from now.  Ideally, the committee should provide world coverage: perhaps the Limerick meeting should select members from Europe, Africa and North and South America, and Brisbane meeting members from Asia and the Pacific. Suggestions and offers to serve are welcome.

    We hope soon to have a web-site, to be set up by Wayne Wright at the University of Texas San Antonio.  We can have our own address but  www.language-policy.org is already taken.  Please make suggestions for names and content. Would somebody be willing to put together some links for the site (such as a list of lists which circulate news about language policy, or a list of language policy centers, or a list of language policy journals, or a list of bibliographical sources)?   

    Limerick and Brisbane will be a chance to discuss the future of the Network, but if you can't be at either, or if you have ideas that we should think about beforehand, you can post to the group.

    Best wishes


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