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Nick Emlen nqemlen at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 18 15:57:17 UTC 2006

Bill Bright Memorial Award Created

We are saddened to report the passing of Bill Bright, a long-time colleague 
and prolific scholar. Bill's family has requested that memorial 
contributions be made to the Endangered Language Fund. We have created a 
fund that will enable the creation of the Bill Bright Award. This will help 
memorialize his many years of contributions to linguistics, and of his 
service to the profession as editor of Language, 1966-87, Language in 
Society, 1992-99, the first edition of the International Encyclopedia of 
Linguistics, and founding editor of Written Language and Literacy, 
1998-2003. From among the annual applications to the Endangered Language 
Fund’s grant program, one successful project from those dealing with 
languages in the Americas or in South Asia will be selected. This will be 
the project that best combines Bill’s areal interests--North and Central 
America, South Asia--with his topic interests:

- language description
- language and culture
- sociolinguistics
- writing systems
- creating culturally-acceptable orthographies for minority languages
- differences between written and oral language
- oral literatures and their poetics
- onomastics, toponyms and naming in general

The Bill Bright project will receive a separate press release and an 
additional amount of money equal to 10% of the proposed budget. We hope that 
this supplement will allow for additional efforts to promote the work in the 
native speaker communities and with the general public.

Please help us honor Bill's memory by sending a contribution to:

The Endangered Language Fund
300 George Street, Suite 900
New Haven, CT 06511

Please make a note that this is in honor of Bill so that the funds can be 
ear-marked for this award.

Online donations can be made here:

Please put ''Bill Bright Fund'' in the Designation area.

-Nick Emlen

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