Steven Pinker: Benefit lecture for the Endangered Language Fund, 11/15

Nick Emlen nqemlen at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 2 15:13:26 UTC 2007

Come hear STEVEN PINKER discuss the STUFF OF THOUGHT, his latest book, on November 15, 2007.

What is the stuff of thought? Ideas? Electrons? Or, as Woody Allen opined, a substance resembling guacamole?

Pinker says it's words, and he give use great evidence that this is right. Language helps us think, and it limits us, sometimes all in one sentence. Ultimately, though, "language offers the clearest window on how we can transcend our cognitive and emotional limitations" (p. 435). Come find out how.

This lecture will benefit the ENDANGERED LANGUAGE FUND, a non-profit organization dedicated to the description and maintenance of the world's smallest--and most different--languages.

November 15, 2007, 8:00
William James Hall 1, Harvard University
33 Kirkland St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Admission $20
Students $10

Questions? Email nqemlen at 

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