ACORNS Language Software - Release 3.0 available for free download

Andre Cramblit andrekar at NCIDC.ORG
Sun Sep 2 22:58:09 UTC 2007

ACORNS Language Software - Release 3.0 available for  
free               download

Hi All,

I just completed the new release of the ACORNS software. This  
software is freely downloaded. It's purpose is to support tribal  
language revitalization programs. The software can be effectively  
used with any language. You can visit and  
click on the ACORNS language project for more information.

Version 2.0 had two types of language lessons. Picture and Sound  
lessons allows you to attach sound recordings to places on a picture.  
When the student clicks on that places in the pictures, the recorded  
sound is heard. Multiple Choice lessons work much like those of the  
commercial Rosetta Stone product. This kind of lesson attaches a  
group of recorded sounds to a series of pictures. The student hears a  
sound clip and then clicks on the appropriate picture. This kind of  
lesson has proven successful in training our country's diplomats.

Version 3.0 now adds a third lesson type. This lesson, called Hear  
and Respond, annotates a sound recording with translation phrases and  
words. The student hears the recording (which could be a story for  
example) and sees the transcription, either in English or in the  
indigenous language. The program randomly leaves words blank which  
the student fills in. The program gives audible feedback as to  
whether the student is correct, if they are close. This kind of  
lesson is useful to improve comprehension and helps the student learn  
correct spelling.

Version 3.0 also integrates our Sound Editor directly into the ACORNS  
application. This feature enables you to edit recordings. For  
example, you might want to delete the parts of the recording that  
have 'ahs' or other sounds that don't relate to the language. Our  
Sound Editor also includes the 'front end' of portion of a speech  
recognition system. We intend to use this as a tool for research as  
this project matures. Our long term plan is to create games where  
indigenous speakers can interact with the computer in their native  

Version 3.0 now supports both the Cherokee and Chinook keyboard  
fonts. It is easy to add others, so let us know if you have needs for  
this feature.

We are still working on the ability to import dictionaries created by  
linguists. With this capability, we can create an indigenous scrabble  
game, magnet games, flash card lessons, and other neat features. This  
feature will also provide user a friendly interface that allows you  
to update and maintain the dictionary.

Please let us know if you have any problems. I don't have a quality  
support department, so I can only find out about problems if you let  
me know. I have added a forum to the ACORNS web page for easy posting  
of any problems that you come across.

Thanks for your interest. My goal is for ACORNS to become a useful  
tool for restoring culture and language.

Have a great day,

Dan Harvey, Associate Professor, Southern Oregon University

(541) 552-6149, harveyd at

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