Language is Life Deadline Approaching

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From: Marina Drummer <marina at>
Date: March 8, 2008 1:02:03 PM PST
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Subject: Language is Life Deadline Approaching

Dear Friends,

We hope that you'll be able to join us at this year's Language is  
Life, April 4-6 at the Headlands in Marin.  We need to give the  
Headlands Institute a firm number of participants by the end of next  
week.  If you've been waiting to register- please do it now so we can  
be sure to have enough space and food for everyone attending.

We're attaching a draft of the schedule for your review.  If you  
don't see your presentation or workshop listed, please get back to me  
right away so we can make changes.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Headlands  next month.  
Don't forget to bring bedding and a towel.  Also, if you're working  
in a language program and have resource materials that you use and  
would like to share, we're going to have a room set up for sharing  
language and teaching materials so please bring your materials along!

Be in touch with any questions or suggestions.

Weleh boh,



8th Biennial

Language Is Life

Conference for California Indian Languages

April 4-6, 2008


ROOM A  (biggest)
FRI 2-5:30 pm
FRI 2-3:30

Show and tell of people’s language materials – books, multimedia,  

FRI 3:30-4:45
3:30-4:45  Monique Sonoque – steps to publishing
FRI 4:45-6:00
4:45-6  Kate and Laura: technology workshop
FRI 6:00-7:30 pm
FRI 7-8 pm
BONFIRE: Blessing and welcome by Coast Miwoks;  Ernie Siva, music and  
Participant Introductions and reports
FRI 8-9 pm

SAT 8-9
SAT 9-10
Blessing; AICLS board members self intro [and honoring of L. Frank]

SAT 10-11
Cody Pata - Keynote

SAT 11-11:15
SAT 11:15-12:30
Fighting for validation:State teachers credentialing – Marnie Atkins  
and Sarah Supahan
   Master-apprentice minitraining:  Nancy Steele**
Martha Macri – the Harrington project: history and overview
SAT 12:30-1:30
SAT 1:30-3:00
Workshop: Acorns language project
Community language demos:
     Jennifer Malone et al: Owl Story (Wukchumne)
      Beverly Caldera et al: 4 immersion lessons (Washo)
(Others?  Gutierrez?  Quirina? Karuks? Yuroks? **)
Youth workshop – Ellie Supahan and Phil Albers**
SAT 3:15-4:30
Community language demos: Greg Castro, National Archives on line
Distance learning – Sarah Supahan
Luiseño language report?**  Others?)**
Funder’s panel**

Macri – training session for the Harrington project
SAT 4:45-6:00
Prison panel**
SAT 6-7:30
SAT 7:30-9:30
BONFIRE: Raffle;  Cultural sharing

SUN 8-9
BREAKFAST (pack up before the session starts!)

SUN 9-10
Leanne Hinton – using your  language at home with your family
Community reports:

     Yurok elder project**

     Kumeyaay college**

Macri – individual training  for Harrington project (if needed)
SUN 10:00-11:00
Julie Turner et al:  Teaching language from traditions (Kawaiisu)  
(**1 hr OK?)

Macri – individual training  for Harrington project (if needed)
SUN 11-11:15
SUN 11:15-12:30
Stan Rodriguez – new ideas for language teaching (**OK?)

BAG LUNCH? And final discussion

Our heartfelt thanks to the Lannan Foundation for their on-going  
support of Advocates gatherings and programs

We also thank the following people and groups for support of the  
Advocates’ programs:


Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Genographic Legacy Fund

Seva Foundation

Lytton Rancheria

Christiansen Fund

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians


Joy Robinson

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