Language Documentation and Description Vol 7

Peter Austin pa2 at SOAS.AC.UK
Thu Dec 3 19:53:21 UTC 2009

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Language Documentation and Description Volume 7 is a special issue containing 
lectures on topics in language documentation and description from the 3L 
Summer School held at SOAS in June-July 2009. The lectures have been 
revised and expanded for publication, with added examples, diagrams, tutorial 
questions and exercises, and suggestions for further reading. Additional papers, 
by Peter Austin (practical advice on applying for a research grant) and David 
Nathan (on the role of audio, based on a paper published in the International 
Association of Sound Archives journal), will make the volume particularly useful 
to aspiring language documenters.

The lectures and papers represent state-of-the-art discussions of the theory 
and practice of language documentation and description by leading exponents, 
and the volume will be of interest to anyone teaching or learning about 
documenting and describing languages. The volume will be published in early 

The price for LDD 7 is normally GBP 10 however until 31 January 2010 only, we 
are offering a special pre-order price of GBP 7.50 (plus P & P), a 25% discount. 
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Editor's Introduction – Peter K. Austin
Current Issues in Language Documentation – Peter K. Austin
Communities and Ethics in Language Documentation – Peter K. Austin
Research Methods in Language Documentation – Friederike Luepke
Documenting Sign Languages – Adam Schembri
Language Documentation and Language Policy – Julia Sallabank
Language Documentation and Archiving – David Nathan
Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory – Peter Sells
Language Documentation and Typology – Oliver Bond
Roles and methods for audio in language documentation – David Nathan
Applying for a Language Documentation Research Grant – Peter K. Austin
List of resources

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