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Subject: Call: Workshop on applied Language Documentation in sub-Saharan Africa
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Workshop on applied Language Documentation in sub-Saharan Africa

School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Saturday 14th May, 2011

 <http://www.hrelp.org/events/workshops/aldsa/> http://www.hrelp.org/events/workshops/aldsa/



Dr Jeff Good, University at Buffalo, NY

Dr Guy De Pauw, University of Antwerp and AfLAt (African Language Technology)



The last twenty years have seen a dramatic worldwide increase in funding for community-based linguistic fieldwork. This has largely been motivated by a concern for language endangerment, leading to the emergence of a new sub-discipline known as "Documentary Linguistics" (Himmelmann 1998). Language Documentation is characterised by Woodbury (in press) as 'the creation, annotation, preservation, and dissemination of transparent records of a language'. While a considerable number of grants have funded the documentation of African languages (e.g.  <http://www.hrelp.org/languages/index.html> http://www.hrelp.org/languages/index.html) to date, research in applied language documentation is heavily skewed towards the linguistic situations found in Australia and the Americas. In these former settlement colonies, language revitalisation efforts benefit from levels of civil infrastructure and literacy that do not exist in large parts of Africa. As a consequence, this workshop aims to provide a scholarly environment for the exchange of ideas about the application of language documentation within the contextual setting of Africa in order to arrive at an understanding of how site-specific applications of language documentation can benefit language communities. As such, it aims to provide recommendations about technological choices and the structure and implementation of corpora, in order to increase the impact of documentation projects.

Abstracts are invited for 30 minute presentations discussing how the central themes of language documentation relate to improving site-specific applied language documentation. These include:

·  how corpus design might help/hinder local dissemination of language documentation outcomes;

·  how new technology and media can be employed in applied language documentation to overcome prevailing problems with dissemination in community settings;

·  ways in which site-specific community participation in language documentation can lead to more effective application of language documentation goals;

·  how multi-disciplinary approaches to language documentation might provide lasting impact in African language support and maintenance.

Each speaker will have 30 minutes for their presentation plus 10 minutes for discussion. All speakers will be asked to include practical recommendations for appliedLanguage Documentation in sub-Saharan Africa as part of their talk. These recommendations will form the basis for a panel discussion at the end of the workshop.



Abstracts should be anonymous, a maximum of one page in length and 12pt font (not including any references). Abstracts should be sent to:  <mailto:elap at soas.ac.uk> elap at soas.ac.uk, by the abstract deadline.

Abstract deadline: 17th January 2011

Abstract notification: 4th February 2011

This workshop is running as part of Endangered Languages Week 2011.

The local organisers are Stuart McGill ( <mailto:sm112 at soas.ac.uk> sm112 at soas.ac.uk), Oliver Bond ( <mailto:ob1 at soas.ac.uk> ob1 at soas.ac.uk) and Philip Jaggar ( <mailto:pj at soas.ac.uk> pj at soas.ac.uk)

Dr. Oliver Bond
Endangered Languages Academic Programme
Department of Linguistics, SOAS
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square

Direct line: +44(0)207 898 4582

oliver.bond at soas.ac.uk


http://www.eleme.org.uk <http://www.eleme.org.uk/> 


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