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Tue Oct 19 14:56:08 UTC 2010

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From: "Marianna Di Paolo" <dipaolo at>
Date: October 18, 2010 4:45:08 PM PDT
To: andrekar at NCIDC.ORG
Subject: Job opening--Director of CAIL


I wonder if you could post an email on the Endandered Language List
pointing to a job ad?  My Department is replacing Lyle Campbell, who has
gone to Hawaii.

We are searching for an Associate Professor in the Department of
Linguistics who will also serve as Director of our Center for American
Indian Languages.  The official ad appears on LinguistList at

I would be happy to answer questions about the Department, the Center,  
University, and living in the Salt Lake Valley.


Marianna Di Paolo
Department of Linguistics &
Center for American Indian Languages
University of Utah
255 S. Central Campus Dr, Rm 2328
Salt Lake City, UT   84112

matĂȘevanihich /Later
André Cramblit, Operations Director
Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC)
( 707.445.8451

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