Aboriginal Languages Virtual Library updated

David Nathan dn2 at SOAS.AC.UK
Sun Jan 1 11:48:45 UTC 2012

Dear colleagues

I am pleased to announce that the Aboriginal Languages of Australia
WWW Virtual Library (http://www.dnathan.com/VL/) has finally been

This long-awaited update includes:
   -  90 new resources listed
   -  links checked and updated, "lost" resources relocated where possible
   -  language search: you can search for a language name (or part of
its name), or an ISO 639-3 code
   -  pages predictably accessible via ISO codes where applicable
   -  feedback: users can easily suggest new resources or send
comments about existing listings
   -  an entirely new MySQL/PHP/Javascript-based interface

The site now has annotated links to 267 resources for over 80
languages. Over 35% of these resources are produced or published by
Indigenous people.

Note that the address has now slightly changed to
http://www.dnathan.com/VL - please update any bookmarks or links you
may have.

Any suggestions or feedback will be appreciated.

best wishes, and happy new year for 2012

David Nathan

David Nathan
Endangered Languages Archive

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