Call for Papers: Mobile Language Learning special issue of Language Learning & Technology (LLT) - deadline February 1

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Fri Jan 6 03:05:45 UTC 2012

Call for Papers: Mobile Language Learning

Special Issue Editors: Glenn Stockwell & Susana Sotillo

There has been increased interest in portable technologies which allow learners 
to access tools for learning languages in virtually any time or place that 
suits them. The quickly developing functionalities of mobile phones, MP3 
players, laptop and tablet computers, and other hand-held devices with touch 
screen technology mean that the range of possibilities for language learning 
has greatly diversified. Godwin-Jones (2011), for example, points out that 
iPhone and Android phones have ushered in a phenomenal expansion in the 
development of Apps for just about every topic under the sun, and educators 
have been exploring the value of Apps for learning specific skills (e.g., math, 
geometry) and language since 2009. The interest in such mobile technologies for 
learning languages has also been reflected in recent literature, with the 
appearance of studies using mobile technologies, such as podcasts (e.g., 
Rosell-Aguilar, 2006), short message service (SMS) (e.g., Levy & Kennedy, 2008; 
Sotillo, 2010; Thurlow, 2003, 2009), and mobile phones (Stockwell, 2010), to 
name a few. This special issue of Language Learning & Technology seeks to 
provide a variety of perspectives on learning through mobile technologies, with 
a particular focus on corpus-based or empirical studies investigating how the 
use of these technologies affect and are affected by the language learning 
environment, or discussions of theoretical issues associated with learning 
through mobile technologies.

Please consult the LLT Website for general guidelines on submission 
( and research 
( and note that articles containing only 
descriptions of software or pedagogical procedures without presenting in-depth 
empirical data and analysis on language learning processes or outcomes will not 
be considered.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

       * Practical issues of mobile language learning
       * Theories applicable to mobile language learning
       * Autonomy and/or self-directed learning through mobile technologies
       * Teacher education for mobile language learning
       * Development of Apps and software for mobile language learning
       * Using mobile technologies for specialized language learning
       * Teaching second language pragmatics through mobile technologies

Please send letter of intent and 250-word abstract by February 1, 2012 to 
llted at

Publication timeline:

       * February 1, 2012: Submission deadline for abstracts
       * February 15, 2011: Invitation to authors to submit a manuscript
       * July 1, 2012: Submission deadline for manuscripts
       * October 1, 2013: Publication of special issue

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