Call: Challenges to (Endangered) Minority Languages in Southeast Asia

Dave Sayers D.Sayers at SWANSEA.AC.UK
Fri Sep 28 05:57:29 UTC 2012

Call Deadline: 30-Nov-2012

Meeting Description:

Across Southeast Asia, especially since many nations gained political independence in the post
second world war period, the languages of, generally speaking, the dominant ethnic groups have
tended to become superordinate in many respects (as media of State education, broadcasting, the law,
among the others). This is the case of Malay and Indonesian, Khmer, Thai and Vietnamese among the
others. This panel examines the effects of the rise of superordinate languages on minority
endangered languages such as language loss, borrowings as a result of external influence,
bilingualism, language policy and its links with social position. Discussions will deal with any
subfield of linguistics and different approaches and persuasions on the minority languages of South
East Asia that are facing decline at an unprecedented speed and in particular will report on what is
being done in terms of documentation and conservation.

Call for Papers:

Paper proposals are invited for a panel on minority languages of South East Asia with a special
focus on issues of language policy of single States and language documentation. Abstracts should not
exceed 300 words in length and should reach the convenor, Antonia Soriente, by November 30, 2012.

Dr. Dave Sayers
Honorary Research Fellow, Arts & Humanities, Swansea University
and Visiting Lecturer (2012-2013), Dept English, Åbo Akademi University
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