Linguistics programs for Mexican and Panamanian nationals

Bryan James Gordon linguista at GMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 24 18:11:19 UTC 2014

A few of my colleagues from Mexico and Panama have asked me about
opportunities for continuing their linguistic education, with the goal of
acquiring skills they can use for language reclamation and maintenance in
their home communities. I know very little about the programs in Mexico
(some I know are quite prestigious, but I don't know which ones are
appropriate for an applied focus), and from what I understand there is no
linguistics major at all in Panama. I've encouraged my colleagues to look
into opportunities in Bolivia and Colombia for the indigenous universities,
and Spain because they have a lot of scholarships for Latin Americans. But
I don't really know where in particular to steer them even in those places,
or if there are any good North American programs with scholarships
available for Latin Americans. I'd be interested in any of y'all's

Bryan James Gordon, MA
Joint PhD Program in Linguistics and Anthropology
University of Arizona
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