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Dear everyone

-Apologies for cross-posting- but some of you might be interested in this
workshop. Please reply to the organisers, not to me.

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-Apologies for cross-posting-

We are pleased to announce that registration for Plants. Animals. Words.
2014 "Framing Interdisciplinarity" is now open!

Plants. Animals. Words. is a workshop designed to encourage
interdisciplinary research in the areas of linguistics and ethnobiology by
bringing together researchers from these fields and others to share
knowledge and skills through hands-on workshops and discussions.

*Workshop dates:* 3-5 October, 2014
*Location:* University of Kent, Canterbury
*To register:* Visit and
*Cost:* £50, which includes resource materials, lunch, and refreshments for
the three days.

Please note that *even if you have already submitted an expression of
interest it is still necessary that you register* if you wish to attend.

*Travel bursaries*
There are a small number of travel bursaries available. If you are
interested in applying for one, please fill in the questionnaire which
appears after adding the workshop to your shopping basket on the
registration page. The bursaries will be distributed after the workshop and
are intended to be a partial contribution towards travel expenses within
the UK. They will not be sufficient to cover plane travel, but are open to
anyone to apply.

*Programme, Travel & Accommodation information, Resource Materials*
The 2014 programme along with information about travel and accommodation
for Canterbury can be found on our website

Resource materials, including video recordings and some photographs from
the 2013 workshop are available here:

Detailed Description

*Purpose:* This year's workshop will continue the conversation between the
disciplines of linguistics and ethnobiology by sharing knowledge and skills
through hands-on training sessions and presentations from invited speakers.
In addition, participants will engage critically with the stages of
planning a collaborative research project, incorporating the topics
discussed throughout the workshop.

*Outcome: *By the end of the workshop, each participant will have an
understanding of each discipline and how their methods and goals intersect
with each other, the ethical implications of collaborative research, how to
deal with data, and how to analyse data in ways that answer questions
impossible to answer from within only one discipline.

*Content:* The workshop will include hands-on training in ethics, planning
an interdisciplinary research project, audio recording and linguistic
transcription, collecting ethnobotanical data, voucher specimen
preparation, as well as data access and management. In between the
interactive training sessions there will be presentations from invited
speakers and a participatory presentation with the Ethnoornithology World
Please contact us at ethnobiology at with any questions!

Even if you are unable to attend this year, you are encouraged to join our
listserv at

Best wishes,


Lydia Green
Plants. Animals. Words.

PhD Candidate, Linguistics
ELDTA Research Group
University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr. Julia Sallabank
Senior Lecturer in Language Support and Revitalisation, Endangered
Languages Academic Programme;
Convenor, MA Linguistics and MA Language Documentation and Description,
Department of Linguistics,
SOAS, University of London,
Thornhaugh Street
London WC1H 0XG

Tel. +44 (0)20 7898 4326
E-mail  js72 at

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