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David Boromisza-Habashi dbh at COLORADO.EDU
Tue Oct 28 16:43:47 UTC 2008

Dear All,

Although I know this is not necessarily done on other scholarly
mailing lists, I propose that the ETHNOCOMM list serve as a "notice
board" of sorts where members could bring their own or their peers'
new publications to the attention of other list members. I'm sure many
of us sign up for journal alerts via e-mail - the ETHNOCOMM list could
function as an alert system for cutting edge research done in the
ethnography of communication tradition. Is "advertising" one's own
work on ETHNOCOMM a form of self-promotion? Why, of course, but I have
yet to be convinced that promoting quality research, even if it is the
product of one's own efforts, is, in one way or another, suspect.

In the spirit of the above, allow me to bring to your attention a
recent publication by Patricia Covarrubias:

Covarrubias, P. O. (2008). Masked silence sequences: Hearing
discrimination in the college classroom. Communication, Culture &
Critique, 1, 227-252.

Besides being an important contribution to existing ethnographic work
on silence, Covarrubias's article demonstrates that critical theory
can be productively combined with the ethnography of communication.


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