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Penn's Center for Urban Ethnography is pleased to announce:

30th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum:  Ethnography for
Social Justice in Education.

February 27 & 28th 2009 at the Graduate School of Education,
University of Pennsylvania

Friday Morning Keynote Address - Shirley Brice-Heath, Brown University
Friday Evening Plenary - Kris Gutiérrez, University of California at Los Angeles
Saturday Morning Plenary - Patricia Carini, Prospect Ctr. and Margaret
Himley, Syracuse University
Saturday Evening – "A Conversation About Ethnography and Education"
with Shirley Brice-Heath, Kris Gutiérrez and Brian Street, King's

Reinventing Anthropology "is for people for whom 'the way things are'
is not reason enough for the way things are … who ask of anthropology
what they ask of  themselves … responsiveness, critical awareness,
ethical concern, human relevance, a clear connection between what is
to be done and the interests of mankind" (Hymes 1969: 7).

On this 30th anniversary of the Ethnography in Education Research
Forum, we reflect on Dell Hymes' vision of anthropology in the service
of social justice.  In his prolific and powerful writings, and in his
leadership of Penn's Graduate School of Education, Hymes proposed not
only a vision but a set of ways of doing ethnography in education –
from ethnographic monitoring and the ethnography of communication to
the ethnopoetics of oral narratives and the ethnography of language
policy-- that have inspired and informed researchers for a generation
and more.  In this year's Forum, we hope to explore the myriad uses
educational ethnographers are making of these and other ways of
working to change schooling and education for the better, in  the
ongoing project of reinventing anthropology.

Free admission to Philadelphia School Employees and UPenn Students,
Faculty and Staff.

For registration information: www.upenn.edu/cue/forum

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