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Final reminder: Abstracts are due on Monday Dec 11th at 11:59PM. We look
forward to receiving your submissions.

*Call for Abstracts*

*Special Issue Call*: *Journal of International and Intercultural

Stretching the Boundaries of International and Intercultural Communication

This is a call for abstracts for a special issue of the *Journal of
International and Intercultural Communication* with the theme, “Stretching
the boundaries of international and intercultural communication (IIC)
scholarship.” This special issue invites studies that reexamine assumptions
about what counts as communication in general, and IIC in particular. For
example, given the current globalized, transnational, and technology driven
context, has IIC changed at all? If so, how? In what new ways has it
shifted given our current times of change and discord? What is the
significance of these changes?

We call for studies that address the above questions using approaches that
fall under the umbrella of “language and social interaction” (LSI). LSI
approaches are distinctive in that they highlight how everyday forms of
communication such as text, talk, language use, and other forms of social
interaction play an important role in constituting identities,
relationships, cultures, and communities. We seek LSI studies that analyze
IIC as situated in local cultural contexts and illustrate how participants’
use of *new* forms of IIC create, recreate, and are formative of current
states of social institutions such as education, law, medicine, economics,
religion, and politics.

IIC can be “new” in the sense that it occurs via social media or other
recently available technology, stems directly from and/or is being shaped
by current social and political contexts, or is simply a form of
communication from communities that have not thus far been studied or
featured in IIC scholarship.

Submissions could take theoretical approaches that highlight shared
cultural dimensions of communication that constitute and organize social
life, and/or approaches that highlight variation in ways community members
orient to or negotiate cultural norms in their everyday interactions.
Studies could also take a comparative approach and provide systematic,
cross-cultural comparisons between communication means and meanings in
different local contexts. The specific approaches we call for include, but
are not limited to: ethnography of communication, interactional
sociolinguistics, sociocultural linguistics, discourse analysis,
socio-pragmatic discourse approaches, and narrative analysis.

Possible focuses include:

·      Digital communication

·      Changes in communication shaped by current social and political

·      Communication forms in understudied communities

This special issue will be co-edited by Sunny Lie (Assistant Professor,
Communication, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USA) and
Natasha Shrikant (Assistant Professor, Communication, University of
Colorado-Boulder, USA). We are currently accepting abstracts for potential
articles to be included in this special issue. Abstracts should be maximum
300 words. The deadline for abstract submissions is December 11 2017.
Abstracts should be sent as an attachment via email to Sunny Lie at
slie at cpp.edu or Natasha Shrikant at Natasha.Shrikant at colorado.edu. Authors
whose abstract have been selected for the next stage of submission will be
contacted via email and invited to submit full manuscripts by March 5,
2018. The manuscripts will undergo further review and be considered for
publication, coming out in 2019. Feel free to contact the co-editors with
questions via the abovementioned email addresses. General information about
the journal may be found at:

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