[Ethnocomm] Listserv ideas?

Nadezhda Sotirova nsotirov at morris.umn.edu
Wed Oct 11 11:33:13 EDT 2017

Hi all!
Before we get any busier, I wanted to check in with you, and see if you
have any suggestions, ideas, and just general comments as to the use of our
EC listserve!
Feel free to contact me directly, or reply to this with suggestions:
1. What are some thing you'd like to see show up on the serve going forward?
2. Any new publications you'd like to share?
3. Would there be interest in creating a shared google drive/folder of EC
related articles? So we can easily access, share with students and new
scholars? I would be interested in working on the compiling, etc.

Thank you! Safe and have a not too overwhelming mid-semester!

Nadezhda Sotirova, Ph.D.
Communication, Media, & Rhetoric
Humanities and Fine Arts 17
University of Minnesota Morris
Email: nsotirov at morris.umn.edu
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