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Em nome do Núcleo de Pesquisa em Variação Lingüística (Nupevar) e do Núcleo de Pesquisas em Línguas Indígenas (NuPeLi), da Faculdade de Letras/UFMG, vimos divulgar o Workshop, intitulado Ergativity and Case Theory, que será ministrado pela Professor Ellen Woolford da Universidade de Massachusetts, Amherst. O curso será ministrado durante o período de 20 a 24, nas dependências da Fale/UFMG, no horário de 11:00 às 13:00 h. Não há necessidade de fazer-se inscrição prévia para participar do evento. Segue abaixo breve descrição do curso.


Prof. Fábio Bonfim
Profa Jânia Ramos

Course description for the Workshop on Ergativity and Case Theory, UFMG, Brazil October 20-24, 2008

Ellen Woolford


This course focuses on the theory and typology of Case and agreement. The theoretical framework is a restrictive version of the Minimalist Program augmented by Optimality Theory. The course begins by introducing the two basic types of Case, structural and inherent, how they are licensed, and the typological patterns that can be formed from the four cases that most often mark arguments in clauses: nominative, accusative, ergative, and dative. Next is agreement. Two types of elements function as cross-referencing devices: true agreement and syntactic clitics. These cross-referencing elements are largely, but not completely parasitic on Case. Diagnostics are presented to help identify these elements in languages that do not mark Case on arguments. Various factors such as aspect splits and person alignment can complicate agreement patterns, even producing pseudo-ergative agreement patterns in languages without ergative Case. We will work through the Case and agreement patterns of several example languages and show how these interacting factors produce the complex surface patterns. The course will include discussion of some more advanced topics including mismatches, portmanteau formation, defective intervention effects, and effects at the syntax/PF interface.




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Woolford, Ellen 2008 Aspect splits as parasitic marking, paper given at DEAL II Workshop on Interface Theories, Leiden University, Feb. 2008.
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