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Tania Granadillo taniag at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Feb 18 23:27:09 UTC 2005

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Past, present, and future: endangered languages and linguistic

Papers are invited for a 15-minute presentation at the American Anthropological
Association?s 2005 Meeting, November 30 to December 4, Washington, D.C.

To be considered for the session, submit an abstract of 250 words or less to
Tania Granadillo or Heidi Orcutt at taniag at email.arizona.edu or
horcutt at email.arizona.edu. Abstracts are due by March 11, 2005 at midnight.

This session proposes to address the theme of this year?s conference, Bringing
the Past into the Present, by examining the state of the world?s endangered
languages and the role of linguistic anthropology in creating awareness of the
value of these languages and in analyzing the past through which these
languages came to be endangered.  The lens of micro and macro analysis, the
levels of individual and institutional, will be the filter through which the
following questions are addressed:

1) Which particular historical processes intersected with global processes to
create the current linguistic situation of the particular language under study?

2) What drives the speakers not to pass on their languages?  An agentive
approach is desired, with an analysis that links individual to institutional.
How are these individual choices a reflection of these more encompassing of

3) Which of the following processes, or others, are relevant to the linguistic
situation in question:

Socioeconomic factors
Political factors
Language ideologies
Constructions of identity, for example, nationalism or ethnicity

4) Based on the current situation, what is your assessment of the language?s
future path or possible paths?  What factors will help to determine those

5) What tools does linguistic anthropology offer for helping in efforts to
revitalize languages?   What should be the future role of linguistic
anthropology in the study of endangered languages?

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